Bang Me (Cat)

Bang Me (Cat) 2.1

Play with your very own feline friend


  • Cat makes a range of noises
  • You can change the background color


  • Poor visuals
  • Requires internet connection
  • A bit childish

Not bad

Bang Me (Cat) is a game that allows you to have fun with a stuffed cat on your phone.

The gameplay in Bang Me (Cat) is simple but limited. The idea is that you touch the cat in various parts of his body using the touch screen, and he makes a different sounds depending on where you hit him.

Bang Me (Cat) is a childish game with poor graphics. If you're a young kid then you might find it funny, but it's nowhere near as polished and interactive as Talking Tom Cat, where you can get the cat to repeat what you say, and which has other characters to choose from.

Bang Me (Cat) might give you some fun for a few minutes, but ultimately it's not a very exciting app.

Bang Me (Cat)


Bang Me (Cat) 2.1

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